Church and illumination Asia (iA) Partnership

Our Agenda is to engage and bring awareness to the Church leadership team as potential resource partners (funding and prayer intercessors).

Presentation about 20 minutes and 15 minutes Q&A.

Mission, Plans and Goals, endorsement by Church leaders (present from website 

Where do we operate?
I was thinking of showing Asia maps
Asia map showing location of iA offices and our Field partners offices
Regional maps showing location of BT projects indicating the language(pseudonym), IPL, population size and % of believers if available.
North Asia: China and Taiwan
Indo-China: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar)
South Asia: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)
South East Asia: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, PNG
(Hopefully, this will offer some reflections/pointers on the church’s mission area. Any questions we will discuss in Q&A below)

iA core values or Common Framework
present the Common Framework slides (Ownership, Partnership, Stewardship, Relationship, Accelerated Impact) [Jolea/JAnice]

 Q & A
(This segment is about raising the questions to the Churches and offer sample answer – we do not want to put the church leaders in the defensive)
How effective are we in mission…does the current strategy still apply in pandemics or in situations when govt policies affect mission work?

How do Singapore Churches bring God’s Word to the Unreached People Group (UPG)?

Any specific project or country that we can pursue in the mission of transforming lives?
Please fill in your Q&A provided in the next page.

Translation Process
(If time permits, I will present the Translation Process from the website – the importance of partnership with the local communities as part of the Translation ministry on Church planting, scripture engagement etc)

Other Information
Suggest gift on books or videos etc for their viewing and sharing e.g. 
John Rinehart: Gospel Patrons
Ending Bible Poverty Now by Roland Cunningham
The genius of Generosity by Chip Ingram
Project profile and Updates

Wrap Up – Uniqueness of iA in the mission field
(This segment should have only 3-5 points like the Methodist style so that they can remember by. The above Q&A should align our mission in this new iA & Church partnership)

Where do we operate?