Can you imagine your life without the Bible?

For millions of people, life without the Bible is a reality. They do not have the Bible in a language they can clearly understand. 

Join Francis Chan, David Platt and Asian leaders as they share what life without the Bible is like and how together we can make a difference for those without the Living Word.

The Year of the Bible exists to motivate and encourage followers of the God of the Bible to share the Word of God. In order for all to have access to God’s Word, Christians everywhere need to encourage the translation, publication, and distribution of the Bible, and help educate and motivate people so that everyone can engage with the life-giving words of the Holy Scriptures. Through all these various endeavours, people of the Word hope to see Bible poverty ended in this generation

Our faith goals:

  1. To invite 10,000 followers of Christ to be part of the Bible translation movement
  2. To raise a full Bible (1,189 chapters) for a language group in Asia that does not have the Living Word in their language